Hello! I want to welcome you to Manna Digital, a digital marketing agency that serves small businesses. It doesn’t get more small business than this: me, myself, and I. When we serve more satisfied clients, I will be happy to figure out that whole payroll thing.

I am excited to pursue my passion for helping small businesses succeed. I can’t think of any better way to serve entrepreneurs than to provide them with digital marketing strategy and execution. Why? Because for many small businesses, they are great at their niche and delivering value to customers—not telling their customer stories and optimizing ad copy. I help bridge that gap for them so they can achieve their goals, too.

The focus we have is to assist companies with crafting and executing their content strategy. It has become even more clear to me that many businesses find themselves producing content without a clear purpose or strategic direction. Or, they got started several years ago, but due to shifts in the digital landscape, content just hasn’t worked well for them. We help these organizations find their true north when it comes to concepting, publishing and scaling their message to consumers.

Additionally, we provide small businesses valuable digital marketing services to drive traffic, attract leads, and win more customers.

  • Social Advertising – Operate and optimize the performance of your Twitter and Facebook ad accounts to achieve maximum ROI.
  • Lifecycle Marketing – Delight more customers by dynamically addressing their needs and automating manual operations.
  • WordPress Concierge – Get the trusted reliability you need to maintain and optimize your WordPress website.

On our blog, Marketing Insights, we plan on publishing useful and actionable advice intended for small business owners who want to improve their digital marketing.

I invite you to have a look around, learn about us and let me know if you think we should work together. When you’re ready to ramp up your digital marketing program, we’ll be ready to serve you.