An effective content strategy requires extensive research into the needs of the addressable market, a business' core competencies, and the levers to drive results for the business. Content strategies are packed with key intelligence that focuses on the "why" and the "what" behind the content. You're busy enough running your business, let us help you launch and scale your content marketing program.

What is content strategy?

A content strategy is the practice of planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful and usable content. It's the 'why' behind producing and distributing content and drives the overall content marketing activities.

What goes into developing a content strategy?

A sound content strategy utilizes multiple qualitative and quantitative sources of intelligence to support the overall desired outcome. A content strategy includes gathering internal feedback and blending it with external signals such as customer segments, audience interests, demographics, media consumption, and competitive analysis. Additionally, a content strategy may span across an entire customer journey for increased business value.

Our proprietary content strategy development for small businesses includes conducting real conversations with your best customers to learn about their interests and decision process. We also aggregate market demand for content to determine the opportunity and risks. The bottom line is that we use rich data to guide our content strategy, so it will be more successful than merely going with your gut.

How does content strategy differ from content marketing?

A content strategy drives the higher-level purpose for creating content. It guides for the creators, publishers, and advertisers as to how (and why) content should be dispensed. With a clear objective, a content strategy guides you toward achieving it amid well-funded competition and industry changes commonly found in digital marketing.

Content marketing is a core component of a content strategy as it is primarily focused on the tactics and the resources. We like to segment this in creation, publishing, and distribution. That is, once you have created the content and connected it to a larger purpose for your organization, you will then distribute it.

Where can I learn more about content marketing?

Of course, we would be happy to answer your questions on content strategy and marketing. But, we know you're probably looking for industry resources.

Here are several great resources that publish updated information about content strategy. Psst! We also post insights about content strategy on our blog.