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I founded Manna Digital on a principle that marketing can be meaningful for small businesses. Proven through working at a few high-growth startups, I have been able to provide significant value when it comes to social media and content strategy. I intend to share my expertise with growth-oriented businesses so they can establish and scale their content and social media programs for long-term success. And frankly, I love taking on new challenges with a variety of businesses.

Online marketing has changed dramatically in the past decade. You can't win the game today with the plays from the last season. What has remained true is the consistent practice of knowing your customers, providing them value, targeted advertising, and delivering remarkable experiences. You have an addressable market with needs and interests--will they trust you or your competition to solve them?

After working with dozens of growth-oriented small businesses, it became clear to me that owners are too busy to dedicate their time and resources to digital marketing. And they shouldn't do it themselves, either. There are hundreds of priorities that founders need to focus on in their business, trying to understand the technical specifications of the Facebook Pixel shouldn't be one of them.

If you measure success by word count or keyword density, this probably won’t work out. However, if you define success as either building your audience, attracting qualified leads, and converting those prospects into thriving, profitable customers—this just might work.

I invite you to have a look around. Read our blog to learn helpful marketing tips, check out our digital marketing services, or drop me a line if you have any questions.


To help small businesses create remarkable customer experiences through digital marketing.


Be good.
Deliver results.
Quality wins.

About Me

Joe MannaI'm in my early thirties, married, live in Phoenix and have a little dog named George. I enjoy watching criminal dramas, documentaries, and automotive-themed action movies. I'm not a coffee freak, but when I do enjoy a cup, I like it iced.

More than ten years ago, I developed my craft to create content for businesses that consumers love. I have refined this gift over the years, and my methodology has proven valuable for startups and mid-sized companies to build audiences, nurturing prospects, and converting customers. I have served in a social media and content marketing role at a few high-growth startups including Infusionsoft, Local Motors, and OfferPad.

I genuinely enjoy producing meaningful content for small businesses so they can increase leads, sales, and share of voice in their industry -- and that begins with strategy. I appreciate the thoughtful balance between brand and market-driven content, so it improves a business' online presence and attracts more customers.