Social media advertising can be an effective method to build your audience, generate leads, and nurture prospects. By default, the social platforms can cost thousands if you don't dial-in your campaigns and have them configured correctly. If you're advertising on Facebook or Twitter, we can provide you a complimentary account review that contains helpful recommendations for lowering costs and increasing results.

What is social advertising?

Social advertising is the targeted delivery of a sponsored message to a specific audience. Unlike traditional advertising, the targeting options are based on the specific interests of a person. However, social ads require a higher degree of effort to deliver a remarkable user experience, otherwise, they won't perform as well.

In short, social ads utilize social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others to deliver messages to a specific audience based on a person's interests and content affinity.

Can I advertise on Facebook and Twitter myself?

You can certainly advertise your business directly on the social networks, but we wouldn't recommend it long-term. As much we love the social networks for their incredible advertising and targeting capabilities, it can be quite overwhelming for a small or medium-sized business to manage.

We provide hands-on account management, ads creation, management, and optimization so you can rest assured that your investment in social ads is going the furthest it can to the right audience. We focus on business outcomes, not simply engagement stats.

Do I need a social media strategy?

Yes, you do need a strategy to benefit from social media, but it might not be a social media strategy. After working with many businesses including those who have attracted outside funding, we've discovered that many of them are operating without a solid marketing strategy. The purpose of a 'social media strategy' is to address problems or seize a valuable opportunity for the underlying business—but that can't be done on Facebook or Twitter alone.

It's our view that social media (mostly) amplifies an existing customer experience and marketing strategy for better or worse. We are able to review your social media strategy and provide advisory services to assist with implementing it across the organization.

Would I be a good fit for advertising across social media?

Before we get to "yes," social networks prohibit certain products and services on the basis that they can be harmful to users of the service. Certain businesses that fall into the prohibited and restricted products below would not be a good fit for us.

Prohibited and restricted products include (but aren't limited to): any age-restricted products, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, unsafe supplements, weapons, adult services, adult content, hateful content, sensational content, discriminatory content, misleading, controversial content, personal health, endangered species, short-term loans, multi-level marketing, gambling, negative-option billing, student loans, and dating services.

However, if your business generates revenue and you spend more than $1000 monthly on advertising, then we would be a good fit to work together.

Would I be a good fit for advertising across social media?What are a few ways to optimize my social ad campaign?

When optimizing a social ads campaign, it's essential to check that the analytics and conversion events are firing correctly. Broken analytics and tracking can cause not only inaccurate campaign reporting, it can significantly impact the conversion optimization algorithms that make your campaigns successful.

Next, I would look at a combination of clickthrough rates and conversion rates. If there are ad campaigns/sets that are dramatically lower than the account average, I will prune them. Those are low-hanging fruit. You don't need to advertise every single iteration of an ad campaign all the time.

Then the next goal is to look at placements. Placements are the locations for where your ad shows up (and by device). While you might use your phone all the time, your prospect might not. They might be in more of a "conversion" mood when they use their computer. Landing pages tend to load quicker without the scrolling fatigue, so there can be a boost in conversion rates just by changing where the ads are displayed. When analyzing ads, I look for lower-performing ads and determine if the placement is a factor -- and cut them.

Lastly, invest in your winners. Find the winning ad sets consisting of audiences and placements and multiply those by your winning ad units. The name of the game is to test, validate, reproduce, and scale. Proper research and optimization of your ad campaigns early on will save you thousands and ultimately generate significant ROI. My advice for everyone: don't set a crazy high budget and hope for the best. Trust me, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will spend your money if you let them.

–At least we didn't just leave you hanging with an "it depends" response. We know every business faces a unique set of challenges. Schedule your initial consultation with us and can review your social ads account to provide actionable suggestions for improvement and go over it with you in plain English.